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Environmentalist in the checkout lane

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Jim Thompson

By Jim Thompson
HCP columnist

We were on our way home from Laura’s knee replacement surgery on Friday when she asked me to stop at the supermarket to get a bag of frozen peas, recommended as a renewable ice pack to place on her new knee. (Should I get the organic or the regular ones? I am so confused).  

Having left Laura in the car, I was in a bit of a hurry, so I strode over to the express checkout (10 items or fewer, please), only to find a lady in front of me with at least 12 items strung down the belt. Some of them seemed to have fussy labeling, for the checkout person was having some difficulty and going slow.

Having time, I noticed that as she checked out, she had brought her own cloth bags. Nothing wrong with that, but I immediately perceive the cloth bag people as highly tuned and motivated environmentalists. I do wonder how often they launder these bags, and the environmental impact of said laundering, but since it is not my groceries going in them, it is of little concern, and I usually quickly dismiss this thought.

Yet, this experience left me doubting the mathematical acuity of this newly discovered environmentally sensitive person. If they don’t know the difference between 10 and 12, is there any way they can grasp a rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century?  

Perhaps they just accept this from the media. 

And since we here in the unenlightened world (read: not Europe), measure temperature in Fahrenheit, not Celsius, 1.5 degrees Celsius equals 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit or, shortened, 2.7 F. You are welcome.  

At the claims made by the authorities, this works out to 0.035526 degrees F per year for the next 76 years left in this century. My question: Is 0.035526 per year over the next 76 years easier to grasp than the difference between 10 and 12 in the moment? Obviously, the checkout environmentalist has no concern between 10 and 12 but are you telling me they have the perspicacity to be alarmed by a cumulative 0.035526 over 76 years? 

Additionally, I hate to say it, and you may consider me judgmental, but with the current rate of progress in medicine, I don’t think this person will make it another 76 years.  

However, just perhaps, despite Greta Thunberg’s accusations about the older generations, this person is the shining example of one who does care what we leave the next generation.

Granted, there has been much progress in the general field of science since I was a fourth-grader in Miss Miller’s class, Kyle Elementary, Troy, Ohio in 1959. You see, Miss Miller taught me the scientific method. Yet, despite all the many years since then, I don’t think instrumentation development has progressed to the point where we can now measure an average 0.0355526 F annual increase in the temperature of the Earth.

My environmental friends, the ones who are still talking to me after similar discussions to this above, ask me what it will take for me to believe in global warming (now called climate change, since the rise seems to be in doubt among even the staunches acolytes).  

My answer?

When the full third week in February in Cleveland averages a daytime temperature of 85 F, I am fully on board. I know we can measure this.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Ga. and is a columnist for The Highland County Press. He may be reached at


Matthew (not verified)

1 January 2024

If one is concerned with tropical storms, super storms, the pineapple express, or sea level rises then they should move 10 miles away from the bays and oceans. This unique idea will also save lives if a tsunami occurs. That natural disaster is not caused by man, as far as I know. Do I build my house, a business, by a creek, a river, a stream, or a sea? I'm thinking I'll build by a farm pond and prepare for a 2 degree rise in temperature as I age. Wish me luck during this looming climate change. I hope Yellowstone doesn't blow or the magnetic north pole doesn't flip. Those are two more natural forces that man doesn't control. (But man alters climates, so we are told) Other than that, we should be fine.

Mario Angellio (not verified)

1 January 2024

Current solar geoengineering or dimming the sun by spraying metal nano particle aerosols into the stratosphere (by planes "stratospheric aerosol injection") to reflect sunlight back into space is happening worldwide right now 24/7. These sprayed nano particles of aluminium, barium and graphene are small enough to enter tissues and fluids of your body. We are breathing and absorbing these nano toxins DAILY.
The UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF’s Great Reset are diabolical plans to use geoengineering technology to INDUCE “climate change” and possibly reduce the world population. If spraying these shading chemicals continues and then are halted for any reason, the planet will very rapidly heat up causing major weather disasters and inevitably end in massive deaths. NOTE: Don't use demonic "deep state" mainstream media sources to do your own research.

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