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  • A sermon on Mark 6:7-13

    I pray that when God looks at me in my judgment, He will see His face reflected in mine. 
  • A sermon on Mark 5:21-43
    Max Lucado expresses beautifully the essence of faith. "Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right." 
  • A sermon on Mark 4:35-41
    I was riveted to the radio listening to an interview about a country singer's journey from the valley of a living hell to the mountain top of God's grace. His name is Jelly Roll, named by his mom to describe her chubby son. 
  • A sermon on Mark 4:26-34
    For 27 years at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, I prayed over sick children all day, spreading the seed of God's healing power over them. My faith told me to put them in God's hands. I was most moved when I prayed over the little babies in the incubators. Some were so tiny they could fit into the palm of your hand. It saddened me that at only a few weeks old they were struggling to survive.
  • A sermon on Mark 14:22-26
    When someone is performing a good deed, don't stop them. Here is my story.
  • A sermon for Trinity Sunday
    Theologians have used earthly examples to explain the Trinity. An egg has a shell, yolk and egg white, but it is still one egg. Water can be steam, ice or liquid, yet it is the one same essence. 
  • A sermon for Pentecost
    Preachers talk so often about the "power" of God. I was curious about how the dictionary defines the word "power." So, I looked it up. I was baffled by this one definition I discovered. It defined power as "the ability to get extra-base hits." I found it strange they used a baseball analogy to define power.
  • A sermon for the Ascension of Jesus
    My mentor Fr. Ed Connelly gave me wise advice on how to be a good priest. On my ordination day, after placing the priestly stole around my shoulders, he whispered into my ear, "Bless the people God brings to you." 
  • A sermon on John 15:9-17
    One of my favorite saints is St. Catherine of Siena. She was a no-nonsense, "tell it like it is" woman. If she believed you were doing something wrong, she badgered you 'til you got it right. 
  • First Communion Sermon
    Before my First Communion in 1957, I asked my parents if I could do something that surprised them. I wanted Mom and Dad to walk me to the Communion Rail, which was expected. But then I asked the unexpected. "Can I have Uncle Joe walk us, too?" 
  • A sermon on John 10:11-18: The Good Shepherd
    I believe God picks you up when life knocks you down. God places you around His loving, caring shoulders. Yet, that doesn't stop some believers from dumping on God their anger or bitterness because they or someone they love is sick. 
  • A sermon on Luke 24:35-48
    A man went to his pastor for spiritual advice. He complained that he was bombarded with many temptations that led him to sin. He described his soul as "filled with cobwebs all around me. They are my temptations. I get stuck on them. They trap me." Frustrated, he asked the pastor, "How can I clear my soul of these pesky cobwebs?" The pastor looked at him with compassion and wisely said, "Kill the spider."
  • An Easter sermon on John 20:1-9
    Easter is a love letter from Jesus written in the ink of His Blood. Use your life to write a love letter back to Him. I believe in God who helps us all. Happy Easter.
  • A sermon on John 11:35
    Jesus cried because He is compassionate. He cares for the sufferings of others. Jesus became human so He can understand the sufferings of His people. Jesus didn't know suffering in Heaven. He surely knows it now on earth.
  • A sermon on John 9:1-41
    Complacency is spiritual poison that makes you blind. What is complacency and how does it hurt you? It is defined as "a feeling of being satisfied with yourself so that you do not think any change is necessary."
  • A sermon on John 2: 13-25
    One of my favorite movies is "Oh, God" from 1977. God appears as a kindly old man (played by George Burns) to an assistant grocery store manager named Jerry Landers (played by John Denver). 
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