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  • Yawn: Another Presidents Day, another liberal ranking of U.S. presidents

    The tipoff was that Republicans rank Reagan the fifth-greatest president, but the Gipper only came up 16th in the survey. It was a math question one didn’t need a Ph.D. to solve — a 9th grader could do it: The survey had 154 respondents — so what percentage had to be Democrats or independents to bring a guy from fifth place to 16th? Off the top of my head, I guessed 90%. It was close. Justin Vaughn gave me the numbers: Of the 154, there were only 15 Republicans.
  • A sermon on the Transfiguration
    If you look at the things happening in your life only from the outside world, you won't get a clear picture. Your understanding will be incomplete or even blurred. This lack of clear vision could cause you to doubt God's love and care. 
  • Biden’s war on domestic energy intensifies
    President Biden's environmental extremism means our allies will become more reliant on our adversaries. For context, 87% of US LNG exports went primarily to U.S. allies in Europe and Asia. The Biden administration blunting America’s ability to participate on the world energy stage creates a vacuum that will undoubtedly be filled by the other major natural gas exporting countries—Russia, Qatar, and Iran—who are certainly not friends of the U.S.
  • History and education in those Highland County hills of yore, Part 17    
    Ladies and gentlemen, for nearly four decades, the Rev. Joseph McDowell Mathews was a pioneer of Highland County education. From beginning a school for boys in the late 1820s, to founding the Oakland Female Seminary in the 1830s, to being the head of the Hillsboro Female College, he was a well-known educator in Highland County despite being struggling with ill health for much of his life.
  • Ukraine aid inaction now will cost U.S. more later
    As an individual deeply connected to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, I’ve found it increasingly challenging to witness the collective amnesia that seems to have settled over America regarding Russia’s war in Ukraine. The initial shock of the 2022 invasion has faded, replaced by the ebb and flow of other news stories.
  • In our older age
    Now you can see that we really do have a plan, and with that plan in mind, I am ever so looking forward to marking my 70th year.
  • Environmentalism needs a new playbook
    A quick fact check calls the climate merits of curtailing LNG exports into question. Most LNG exports go to Europe, where they have a 41% lifecycle emissions advantage over Russian gas imports. The majority of remaining exports go to Asia, where it heavily displaces coal. Exporting LNG is often a climate winner, not to mention the economic and security benefits for ourselves and our allies. 
  • Holding Mayorkas accountable
    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is yet another Biden administration official who has avoided accountability after egregious malpractice. The president seems to think people in his circle should be immune to the same expectations everyone else faces every day.
  • Working to prevent veterans and service members from losing their homes
    As chair of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, I’m working to make home ownership more affordable for everyone, including our veterans and service members.
  • The September surprise
    Michelle Obama is the only potential candidate who could safely replace a black woman on the Democrat ticket without causing a major political disruption inside a core Democrat voter group. Plus, Michelle is Teflon: a popular celebrity with little track record – and the guarantee that any criticism will elicit a chorus of “racist!” and “sexist!” accusations. She is by far the hardest candidate for Trump to beat.
  • We get the candidates we deserve
    Do we really deserve better? I think we get exactly the candidates we deserve.
  • The heart is the seat of your emotions
    If you are in the habit of consulting only yourself, trusting your own instincts and believing that you will know in your heart what to do when the time comes, then you have a big problem.
  • How Donald Trump can beat Joe Biden
    The first challenge for Donald Trump is that he has to make sure the 2024 election remains a referendum on Joe Biden. I say that because it’s in the very nature of Donald Trump’s personality to make everything about himself.
  • January BLS: U.S. workers lose ground to foreign-born
    Foreign-born workers displacing Americans is an ongoing and accelerating tragedy that President Biden willfully imposed on citizens. Biden’s malfeasance should provide talking points for White House and congressional candidates that seek to remove office holders who support the status quo.
  • Modern slavery
    Our federal government is no better than the citizens when it comes to responsible spending. We have gone from a national debt in the single digit trillions to the mid-30 trillions in less than 20 years.  The day of reckoning is coming for this, too, and we will all suffer from it.
  • Biden staffer who mishandled China, Iran secrets retains high-security Pentagon job
    At a press conference hastily assembled after the report’s release, Biden said he assumed his aides had shipped “all" the documents to the National Archives in College Park, Md. “I wish I had paid more attention to how the documents were being moved and where,” he said. “I thought they were being moved to the Archives. I thought all of it was being moved [there].” The president’s explanation does not address how and why he shared classified material with a ghostwriter, but it shines a light on the longtime assistant who was in charge of packing his papers, Kathy S. Chung.
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