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  • Modern slavery

    Our federal government is no better than the citizens when it comes to responsible spending. We have gone from a national debt in the single digit trillions to the mid-30 trillions in less than 20 years.  The day of reckoning is coming for this, too, and we will all suffer from it.
  • The Constitution seems to be holding its own, but...
    The question in my mind is this: In this age of disrespect, will Colorado respect the decision of the Supreme Court?
  • Canary in the coal mine
    When one looks at the history of countries with shady governments, the genesis of this problem has usually been manipulation of their court system. Whether they be “banana republics,” dictatorships or something else, the path from a well-organized, honest government to a poorly organized, dishonest government has often gone through the courthouse.
  • Elite antipode
    Being an elite or being humble is, again, a complex relationship phenomenon. Everyone of us is an elite to some and appears humble to others. More humility would serve society well.
  • It is not Democrat or Republican
    It is not Democrat or Republican – nor liberal or conservative. It is the elites versus the rest of us.  
  • Hunter Biden, Jan. 6 and the southern border
    It is just my opinion, the 2,000 who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, were of no more and probably less evil intent that many of those crossing the southern border during 2022.
  • Dates
    The other experience I have this time of year is that I hang a new calendar in my office. January seems to go along at a reasonable pace, so does February. Then all of a sudden, I am looking at November.
  • Environmentalist in the checkout lane
    My environmental friends, the ones who are still talking to me after similar discussions to this above, ask me what it will take for me to believe in global warming (now called climate change, since the rise seems to be in doubt among even the staunches acolytes). My answer? When the full third week in February in Cleveland averages a daytime temperature of 85 F, I am fully on board.
  • Stop the steal
    Corporations, small businesses and other entities have been stealing time from each of us in a planned and systematic way for many years to enrich themselves. It is time for this to stop.
  • The death of DEI
    DEI, we hardly knew ye. DEI is one of the fastest liberal concepts to come and go in nearly the same breath. Living in the bucolic lands of Highland County, you may never have had to encounter DEI. Lucky you.
  • For the adults this Christmas season
    It used to be we treated the words of politicians with skepticism and the words of scientists as the truth. Now we do not discern the source – all may be lies. And just perhaps this starts with what we tell our kids at the high Holy holidays. Think about it and think about what you are telling your kids this Christmas.
  • The world got a little dumber last week
    Three remarkable individuals left their earthly bodies last week. Charlie Munger, age 99, Henry Kissinger, age 100, and Sandra Day O’Conner, age 93. All three were remarkable intellects.
  • SEC v. Jarkesy
    Some will argue we live in a republic; others may say we live in a democracy. I say both are wrong. We live in a dictatorship. It is not the old-fashioned type of dictatorship with one leader, it has many leaders ensconced in all the various bureaucracies. 
  • Government spending cuts start at home
    Government spending is a universal problem found everywhere. Anyone who walks through the door of a city council meeting or county commissioner meeting with a grant, gift or graft (I just like the alliterative sound of that), is welcomed with open arms. If there has ever been an assessment of whether the community needs whatever this filthy lucre is purported to fix, that is an analysis I fail to recall ever seeing.
  • We are no better than the Ancients
    At least I have found something on which Christians and Muslims agree – no infanticide.
  • What do we do now?
    For my entire life, these bad players and others have been trying to destroy Western culture and our way of life. They are not going to pause; they are not going to stop. It is up to us to stop them.
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