The Ohio Division of Wildlife held the official scoring session for the Stephens Buck, shot in Highland County on Nov.30 by Clayton, Ohio resident Brian Stephens.


The non-typical rack measured 250 1/8 inches gross, 232 5/8 inches net.


"The official score confirmed that not only is the Stephens Buck the largest ever taken by a muzzleloader in Ohio, but it tops all Boone & Crockett main beams ever taken in the world," according to a Dayton Daily News report by Jim Morris. "The main beams measured 35 1/8 on the left and 34 1/8 on the right. No other whitetail deer in the B&C record books has a main beam longer than 33 1/8 inches."


According to the DDN, "Stephens, a software developer, was hunting on his family’s farm in Highland County. He saw the deer several times during the morning, but couldn’t get a clear shot. He went back out in the afternoon and after passing up shots at smaller bucks — including a 10-pointer — the big buck came into his sights. He didn’t miss...


"Once the scoring was completed Saturday, Jan. 30, and the new records announced by Wendel and Gary Trent, president of Buckeye Big Bucks, Ohio Division of Wildlife district manager Todd Haines set up the replicas of the Beatty Buck (largest non-typical taken by a hunter) and Jerman Buck (largest typical ever in Ohio), flanking the Stephens Buck. All three were taken in southwest Ohio.

'It’s a tribute to the deer management practiced in Ohio,' Trent said, 'and I think you will be seeing even more big bucks harvested in western Ohio in the years to come.'"


Notable Measurements:

Longest Main Beams Ever - 35 1/8" & 34 1/8"

Inside Spread - 24 3/8"

Left G2 - 17 7/8"

Right G2 - 16 3/8"

9-pt Frame - 218 1/8"

8-pt Frame - 209 5/8"


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