Another winter storm is making its way through southern Ohio, and Ohio Department of Transportation crews are working to clear the state highway system and keep roads safe and passable.

Several area schools are closed again Tuesday, Feb. 8, including Hillsboro City Schools, Bright Local, Fairfield, Lynchburg, Greenfield, Adams County/Ohio Valley, Highland County Board of DD, and Southern State Community College. Click on our Delays and Closings link for the latest updates.
Pavement conditions vary from partly snow covered and slushy in District 9's western counties to wet and slick in the eastern portion of the district. Currently, routes in Adams, Brown and Highland counties are partly to mostly snow covered following recent waves of snow, and very cold temperatures are causing freezebacks on pavement that is clear and wet.
In Jackson and Lawrence counties routes are mostly wet, slushy and slick, with some traces of snow on secondary roadways. In Ross County, drivers are battling mostly ice; however, some roads - particularly secondary routes - are partly snow covered.
Although ODOT forces will continue their efforts throughout this winter storm, motorists are reminded of the need for additional caution. Pavement that is clear and wet will be slick and possibly icy, particularly on bridges and overpasses that will freeze more quickly than surface pavement.
Motorists need to reduce their speed, allow additional travel time and maintain a safe following distance when traveling behind other vehicles. They should also pay heed to large vehicles, such as snowplow trucks, and to slow-moving vehicles.