Highland County Department of Job and Family Services has received funding for a TANF Summer Youth Employment Program. The purpose of this program is to enable low-income, TANF-eligible youth to gain valuable work experience while earning a paycheck to help meet basic needs.

Summer employment programs offer the opportunity for youth to develop a work history and have current references from an employer.

TANF Summer Youth applications are available at the Highland County One Stop Employment Center, located at 1575 North High Street, Hillsboro. For more information, please call (937) 393-4278.

Applications are now being accepted for Turning Point Applied Learning Center site. For questions, please call Turning Point Applied Learning Center at (937) 840-0568.

TANF Eligibility: Youth ages 18-24, as long as they are in a needy family that also has a minor child; or youth ages 18-24 that have a minor child and are considered needy. Also, youth may be non-custodial parents as long as they are considered "needy" and have a minor child. Income eligibility requirements do apply.