The following are the Highland County Sheriff's Office's arrests/citations for Feb. 2-24.

Feb. 2
Dawn Purdin, DOB: 1969, disorderly conduct.

Feb. 4
Alicia Hale, DOB: 1994, speed.

Feb. 5
Michael Miller, DOB: 1986, manufacture drugs, illegal assembly of chemical, aggravated possession of drugs, cultivation of drugs.

Colby Freeman, DOB: 1984, trespassing, theft.

Tyler Miller, DOB: 1987, theft (2 counts).

Lance Hatfield, DOB: 1994, burglary, theft, breaking & entering, vandalism.

Ben Mullins, DOB: 1951, aggravated trespassing, aggravated menacing.

Feb. 8
Ronald Amyx, DOB: 1965, warrant arrest.

Jeffrey Everhart II, DOB: 1981, criminal damaging.

Feb. 10
Juvenile Offender, domestic violence.

Timothy Carver, DOB: 1982, burglary.

Curtis Tolliver, DOB: 1984, driving under suspension.

Feb. 11
Melissa Harris, DOB: 1990, warrant (failed to pay fines).

Amber Blankenship, DOB: 1989, warrant (failure to appear).

Feb. 13
Johnathon Tillard, DOB: 1991, breaking & entering.

Feb. 14
Shaun Davis, DOB: 1986, breaking & entering, theft.

Nikki Toller, DOB: 1983, drug abuse instruments, complicity to B&E and theft.

Johnny Blair, DOB: 1964, failure to yield.

Feb. 17
Krista Hughes, DOB: 1994, domestic violence.

Robert Hughes, DOB: 1991, domestic violence.

Feb. 19
Mark Honeycutt, DOB: 1989, bench warrant (Municipal Court).

Feb. 20
Joseph Collett, DOB: 1986, driving under suspension, possession of marijuana, fictitious plates.

Feb. 21
Carolina Mootispaw, DOB: 1990, drug abuse instruments.

Feb. 22
Amber Quickle, DOB: 1979, domestic violence.

Feb. 23
Juvenile Offender, domestic violence.

Feb. 24
Jason Saunders, DOB: 1987, illegal assembly of chemicals to manufacture drugs.

Derek Myers, DOB: 1981, illegal assembly of chemicals to manufacture drugs.

Heather Tankersley, DOB: 1979, illegal assembly of chemicals to manufacture drugs, drug abuse instruments.

Seth Calentine, DOB: 1982, inducing panic.

Michael Thery Jr, DOB: 1974, drug abuse instruments, obstructing justice.

Susan Page, DOB: 1978, drug abuse instruments, obstructing justice.