In a world where technology trumps all, schools often find themselves scrambling to keep up. Thanks to the support of local farmers and America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education℠, Clinton-Massie Local School District will have no trouble staying ahead of the curve.

The school district has received a $10,000 grant to fund Clinton-Massie Robotics, a program that will provide students with hands-on, engaging math and science lessons.

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, gives farmers the opportunity to nominate a public school district in their community to compete for a grant of either $10,000 or $25,000 to enhance education in the areas of math and/or science. More than 1,000 nominated school districts submitted applications.

The Monsanto Fund will invest $2.3 million into rural education through this program.

“Clinton-Massie Robotics will allow middle and high school students to explore concepts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM),” said Computer Applications Teacher Matt Yauk.

“Students benefit from exposure to things that will help them later in life, and the community benefits from a stronger future workforce.”

After being nominated by local farmers, school districts completed an online application, and finalists were chosen by math and science teachers from ineligible school districts.

The America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education Advisory Council, a group of 26 prominent farmers from across the country, then reviewed the finalists’ applications and selected the winners.

“We are extremely grateful to America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education and all those who made it possible for us to receive this grant,” Yauk said. “It is wonderful to know that the Monsanto Fund is supporting rural schools districts, as they traditionally have less access to financial support compared to larger districts.”

Clinton-Massie Local School District was presented with the $10,000 grant during a presentation at Clinton Massie High School on Oct. 26.

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education started with a successful pilot in Illinois and Minnesota in 2011, in which farmers were given the opportunity to nominate a public school district in 165 eligible counties in those two states. The Monsanto Fund awarded more than $266,000 to local schools in 16 CRDs. Now, the program has expanded to 1,245 eligible counties in 39 states.

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education helps farmers positively impact their communities and supports local rural school districts. This program is part of the Monsanto Fund’s overall effort to support rural education and communities.

Another program that is part of this effort is America’s Farmers Grow Communities, which gives winning farmers the opportunity to direct a $2,500 donation to their favorite community nonprofit organization in their county. Farmers can participate in this program through Nov. 30, 2012 by visiting

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